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School Profile

Franz Liszt is a multilingual school created to encourage skill-based learning, knowledge, and social and cultural awareness from a humanistic standpoint while incorporating the values and strengths of an educational community that promotes lifelong learning. We strive to inspirit our students to contribute to the creation of a better world through their virtues, values, and leadership while developing their critical thinking that allows them to engage in the world around them with a great sense of responsibility and empathy. 

In 2017, Franz Liszt enthusiastically joined the International Baccalaureate family which shares not only its teaching methods, but its vision as an educational and intercultural community. This challenging program encourages students to strive to reach their goals, and helps it form well-rounded, caring students who work for the greater good.

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program is a two-year program for eleventh and twelfth graders which passionately delves into the following six subjects: literature, biology, mathematics, music, history, and English. Teachers work together to create links between the courses and incorporate essential language and communication skills in each class.

In addition to these courses the students partake in three fundamental pieces that make up the core of the IB Diploma program: CAS, Theory of Knowledge, and the Extended Essay. CAS, creativity, activity, and service, is where students, through a variety of group and individual activities, explore their interests and passions, express their personalities, and share their perspectives. Theory of Knowledge, is a course where students unearth how they know what they know by critical thinking and analyzing knowledge claims and questions. Finally, their Extended Essay is a project where they are able to investigate a specific subject they are passionate about while developing research and communication skills as they do so.

The Diploma Program prepares students for their futures with dynamic and challenging courses, enthusiastic and highly qualified teachers, integral projects, and exciting goals, while providing them with new and exciting opportunities around the globe.

More information:   http://www.ibo.org/benefits/



Santa Ana centro, de la estación de gasolina Hermanos Montes, 750 sur, contiguo a las Aldeas SOS



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